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josephine foster-little life

josephine foster-words come loose

mary gauthier-oh soul

mary gauthier-when a woman goes cold

rickie lee jones-sympathy for the devil

chuck e. weiss-kokomo (boy bruce)

robert plant-rainbow

robert plant-the enchanter

ryan adams-gimme something good

jenny lewis-the voyager

jenny lewis-just one of the guys

mavis staples-can you get to that






Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 26 Jul 2014 22:47:40
<![CDATA[Playlist 20 Julho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-20-Julho.rtp&post=48022 joe henry-sparrow

joe henry-swayed

ethan johns-blackheart

willie nelson-whenever you come around

willie nelson-bring it on

chuck e. weiss-dead man´s shoes

chuck e. weiss-old new song

hurray for the riff raff-the body electric

hurray for the riff raff-little black star

hurray for the riff raff-ode to john and yoko

josephine foster-i´m a dreamer

josephine foster-cabin in the sky

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 19 Jul 2014 22:59:33
<![CDATA[Playlist 13 Julho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-13-Julho.rtp&post=47970 cass mccombs-home on the range

cass mccombs-joe murder

ethan johns-blackheart

ethan johns-talking talking blues

jenny lewis-just one of the guys

ryan adams-lucky now (live)

fiona apple-hot knife

valerie june-wanne be on your mind

conor oberst-artifact # 1

conor oberst-night at lake unknown

joe henry-lead me on (feat. lisa hannigan)

joe henry-sparrow

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sun, 13 Jul 2014 19:27:21
<![CDATA[Playlist 6 Julho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-6-Julho.rtp&post=47914 ray lamontagne-drive-in movies

ray lamontagne-lavender

willard grant conspiracy-oh we wait

howe gelb-the 3 deaths of lucky

bill callahan-spring

ethan johns-the roses and the dead

ethan johns-talking talking blues

chuck e. weiss-old new song

dave alvin & phil alvin-i feel so good

dave alvin & phil alvin-key to the highway

conor oberst-artifact #1

conor oberst-common knowledge

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 05 Jul 2014 00:00:00
<![CDATA[Playlist 29 junho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-29-junho.rtp&post=47868 nusrat fateh ali khan/eddie vedder-the face of love

eddie vedder-society

eddie vedder-you´ve got to hide your love away

jonathan wilson-all the way down

conor oberst-artifact #1

conor oberst-lonely at the top

conor oberst-enola gay

beachwood sparks-sweet julie ann

johnathan rice-that summer feeling

the felice brothers-bird on a broken wing

the felice brothers-lion

joe henry-slide

joe henry-alice

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 28 Jun 2014 00:00:00
<![CDATA[playlist 22 junho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=playlist-22-junho.rtp&post=47827 calexico-cachaça

calexico.crystal frontiers

chuck e. weiss-bomb the tracks

chuck e. weiss-old new song

dave alvin/phil alvin-i feel so good

neil young-early morning rain

neil young-on the road again

johnny cash-out among the stars

suzanne vega-bad wisdom

suzanne vega-gypsy

suzanne vega-luka

eddie vedder-rise

eddie vedder-guaranteed

eddie vedder-light today

sharon van etten-your love is killing me

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:11:37
<![CDATA[playlist 15 junho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=playlist-15-junho.rtp&post=47738 neil young-reason to believe

neil young-on the road again

neil young-girl from the north country

linda perhacs-river of god

sun kil moon-i watched the film song remains the same

robert ellis-chemical plant

the felice brothers-cherry licorice

the felice brothers-lion

ethan johns-whip poor will

ethan johns-the roses and the dead

conor oberst-artifact # 1

joe henry-sign

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 14 Jun 2014 22:57:28
<![CDATA[Playlist 8 junho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-8-junho.rtp&post=47737 chuck e. weiss-kokomo (boy bruce)

chuck e. weiss-dead men´s shoes

howe gelb-vortexas

joe henry-grave angels

joe henry-alice

joe henry-sparrow

ethan johns-you changed

ethan johns-blackheart

billy joe/norah-kentucky

the felice brothers-lion

suzanne vega-undertow

beth orton-magpie

neil young-girl from the north country

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sat, 07 Jun 2014 22:47:20
<![CDATA[Playlist 1 junho]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-1-junho.rtp&post=47679 ray lamontagne-pick up a gun

ray lamontagne-ojai

beachwood sparks-canyon ride

band of horses-marry song (live)

band of horses-slow cruel hands of time (live)

sharon van etten-your love is killing me

sharon van etten-tarifa

jesca hoop feat. sam beam-haunting my dress

josephine foster-blue roses

feist-don´t give up (feat. timber timbre)

spain-im´m still free (live)

spain-love at first sight

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sun, 01 Jun 2014 18:38:50
<![CDATA[Playlist 25 Maio]]> http://www.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/coyote/?k=Playlist-25-Maio.rtp&post=47627 the war on drugs-suffering

the war on drugs-lost in the dream

the war on drugs-in reverse

band of horses-no one´s gonna love you (live)

john grant-glacier

ray lamontagne-pick up a gun

ray lamontagne-no other way

laura veirs-sun song

spain-in my soul

spain-it could be heaven

jonathan wilson-fanfare

Pedro Costa Antena 3 Sun, 25 May 2014 18:20:32